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Hi, I’m Bartek

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Hello, my name is Bartek. I have been tattooing since 2014.

During this time, there have been some changes, while working and getting to know both black and gray tattoos and colored ones, I came to the conclusion that shades of gray are closer to my heart.
I focus more on contrast and the ability to play with textures, needle marks can add some nice value to the work I do, which I really like.
Fun, yes. Making a tattoo gives me a lot of joy and I strive in this direction so that it does not become just a job.

Color also appears in my designs, just because I don't focus on colorful works doesn't mean I don't like colors. On the contrary, I like to combine a black and gray tattoo with colors, which can be seen in my works and designs, which I like very much.

The main style is definitely realism, but interwoven with a bit of grotesque, surrealism, maybe fantasy, but with an emphasis on horror atmosphere.

In the future, I wish to do even better work and have even more interesting ideas and recipients

Hi, I'm Bartek
Hi, I'm Bartek
I have been tattooing a realist for